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Twice as Hard: A crunchy tune about dealing with the tough stuff. Watch out for those painted demons... Chip Dunbar: 10 string electric mandocello; Peter van Gorder: drums; Sara Winge: guitar; Ted Dutcher: bass. Written by Chip Dunbar. Twice_as_Hard.mp3

Raven: A haunting song about contemplating mortality. The spectral sound in the beginning (and sprinkled throughout) is the Waterphone. Chip: Wall of Mandos; Peter: talking drum, djembe, Waterphone; Sara: guitar, lead vocal; Ted: bass. Written by Sara Winge. Raven.mp3

Groundswell: Middle-eastern flavor in three parts. The first section is based on a Shiftatelli rhythm and highlights balilika and dumbek. Then the Waterphone changes everything. The djembe hits a Belladi-like groove, and is joined by the Bug, spring guiro, and the Gorilla Quartet on violin and octave violin. Groundswell.mp3

The Hills of North California: A plea to pay attention to the natural order around us. Chip: mandolin, violin, harmony vocals; Peter: drums, percussion; Sara: guitar, lead vocal; Ted: bass. Written by Tony Askins. Hill_of_North_CA.mp3

All Sides: Is it worse or is it better? Chip wrote this one from the depths of his Libran nature.
Chip: mandolins, lead vocal; Peter: djembe, talking drum, trap set; Sara: guitar, harmony vocal; Ted: bass, harmony vocal. Written by Chip Dunbar.

Aztecquorum: Layers of interesting sounds (that's Bart coaxing a Hendrix-worthy solo from the bentwood chalameau) from the experimental instruments of Darryl DeVore, Bart Hopkin, and Richard Waters. Bart Hopkin: bentwood chalameau; Chip: udu utar drum (clay drum); Kim Atkinson: bamboo stamping tubes, butu and groovestick; Sara: bamboo jaw harp; Ted: dual wind wands, Peter: dijeridoo, bamboo jaw harp, groovestick; Blair Hardman: Bass. Aztecquorum.mp3

Another Street: Chip based this song on a Tibetan proverb about learning from life's mistakes. Chip: lead vocal, guitar, octave violin; Peter: surdo, traps, congas, shakers; Sara: harmony vocal; Ted: bass. Another_Street.mp3

Across the Moors: An instrumental tone poem, inspired by the eerie beauty of the Yorkshire moors. Chip: mandolin, octave violin; Pete: dijeridoo, talking drum, djembe, traps; Sara: guitar; Ted: bass. Written by Chip Dunbar. Across_the_Moors.mp3

Live Feed: Dance music fueled by a killer groove tapped on the side of a coffee mug. Chip: electric mandocello and Waterphone; Peter: drums, percussion, didjeridoo; Ted: coffee mug, bass; Sara: vocals. Live_Feed.mp3

Peace Begins with Me: An anthem about taking responsibility for your own little piece of the world. Chip: guitar and lead vocal, Pete: traps, Ted: bass, harmony vocal, Sara: harmony vocals. Written by our friend, Nancy Vogl. Peace_Begins_with_Me.mp3

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All music is Copyrighted © 1999 by Terra Nova
except Peace Begins with Me
© 1999 Nancy Vogl
and The Hills of North California © 1995 Tony Askins