makes music for people who aren't afraid to move and think at the same time. We meld elements of world beat, experimental improv, and modern acoustic music into an eclectic, organic sound that doesn't fit any particular musical category. You might say we're genre-benders. And we hope you'll join the fun as we mix it up, invite the muse, and go with what she brings.

Chip Dunbar, Vocals, Mandolins, Violins, Octave Violin, Electric & Acoustic Mandocello, Bass Waterphone, Udu Drum

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Sara Winge, Vocals, Guitar, Spring Guiro, Standard Waterphone

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Ted Dutcher, Messenger Upright Electric Bass, Vocals, Ultralight Waterphone, Bug, Sonic Ray

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Peter Van Gorder
Drum Set, Didgeridoo, Dumbec, Djembe, Talking Drum, Conga, Surdo

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Email us for more info. | (707) 823-3615.
Sebastopol, CA USA