Peter Van Gorder
Groovefarm Productions
Greg Jalbert / Imaja
Maker of AMAZING Mac software
Terra Nova on
The Shubb Company
makers of fine music software and accessories

Gatmo Studios
Our friend Gary Knowlton

Our friend Richard Waters' Fine Arts Website
Terra Nova's alter ego
Messenger Upright
Electric Bass
Tall Toad Music
Our favorite acoustic music store
Gorilla Computing & Sound
Chip's day job
Tom Nunn
Sonic Art

(415) 282-1562
San Francisco, CA
Darrell Devore
Musical Instruments
(707) 778-0729
P.O. Box 751422 Petaluma, CA 94975
The Last Record Store
Our favorite local record store
Zone Music & Recording
Our favorite place for musical gear.
Udu Drum Home Page
Andy Graham
Primal one man band

Experimental Musical Instruments
Our friend Bart Hopkin

O'Reilly and Associates
Sara's day job

Kim Atkinson
Master Drummer