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Standard Waterphone


The amazing Waterphone was invented by Richard Waters. There are four models (in ascending order of size) the Standard (left), the Ultralight, the Whaler (center) and the Bass Waterphone. Each has uniquely interesting characteristics.
Check out The Waterphone Home Page for more info about Waterphones and many other wonderful sound making devices.

Bass Waterphone sound:

WAV 116k

Ultralight Waterphone sounds

WAV 169k

RealAudio 30k

Whaler Waterphone


Pictured is Chip's 1981 Gilchrist F5 Mandolin. The Florentine (F5) style Mandolin was created by Orville Gibson, of the Gibson Guitar Co., just after the turn of the century. Orville took the traditional mandolin, (round hole round back, flat top) and incorporated elements of the violin (f holes, carved top and back).

Mandolin sound:

WAV 50k

Florentine style Mandolin

Udu Utar (African clay drum)

This Udu Utar (Nigerian clay drum) is made by Frank Giorgini. Played with the hands, it has a sound somewhat similar to Tablas.

Udu sounds:

WAV 314k

RealAudio 33k

The Sonic Ray is a 3 foot square piece of sheet metal with 37 bronze welding rods fastened to it. It's usually played with 1 or 2 bows or superball mallets. To increase it's resonance, the Sonic Plate sits on top of balloons, which sit inside of small plastic buckets. The balloons allow the sheet metal to vibrate freely, and with the sympathetic vibration of all of the rods, the harmonics and overtones are intense! This is Ted's version of a Tom Nunn design.

Sonic Ray sounds:

WAV 220k

RealAudio 40k

Below is another Richard Waters invention, the Spring Guiro. Consisting of a gourd, a two and a half foot piece of bamboo, a stainless steel bowl and of course springs of various weights stretched between metal plates on both ends of the bamboo. The gourd and bowl resonate and the springs add a reverb type effect. Usually played with a stick. Wheeeeee!

Sonic Plate


Spring Guiro


Spring Guiro sounds:

WAV 189k

RealAudio 33k

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